It's worth going - meeting with Robert Korzeniowski

On August 12, in the "Wodne Ogrody" in Wejherowo, we had the opportunity to talk to a four-time Olympic medalist in sports walking and a promoter of a healthy lifestyle - Robert Korzeniowski.

The meeting was hosted by Dr. Monika Żmudzka, president of the Between East and West Foundation.

We talked about sport, physical activity and civilization problems of the modern world. It is worth going with whole families, because no one is as effective as parents in shaping pro-health and pro-somatic attitudes in children. It is worth introducing school attendance during physical education lessons, because positive sports experiences are a chance to reach for a given discipline in the future. It is worth supporting young athletes, because their successes are not only joy and pride for the city, region and country, but also, in the long term, a huge promotion of sport and physical activity.


Earlier, the participants of the meeting took part in an aqua new walking training, which was led by an aqua new walking instructor - Anna Kuryłek.



The event was organized as part of the project entitled "Revitalization of Śródmieście Wejherowo" is co-financed from the funds Regional Operational Program for the Pomeranian Voivodeship for the years 2014-2020, Priority Axis 8 Conversion, Measure 8.1 Comprehensive revitalization projects - subsidy support, Sub-measure 8.1.1 Comprehensive revitalization projects in the cities of the Tri-City Metropolitan Area - ITI mechanism.


Organizer: Wejherowo Municipal Property Management.


photo. A. Rogowski