Recreation pool

Fun for everyone!

The kingdom of water entertainment

Enjoy water attractions as you swim down the wild river and compete on four swimming lanes. From thrilling slides to leisurely swimming, our pool offers unforgettable adventures for everyone. The water in the recreational pool is heated using renewable energy sources to a temperature of 28°C.

Our leisure pool is waiting for you!



Recreation pool

Dive into our 120 cm deep, 44 x 21 m pool and discover endless fun. Regardless of age and swimming skills, our swimming pool is a place where everyone can enjoy water pleasures and joy. Come to us and experience a unique relaxation in our charming swimming pool. In addition, the pool is equipped with water neck massage jets, underwater air massage, a water curtain, an air couch, a wild river and a "pyramid" climbing net.

Get carried away

Wild river


Immerse yourself in the rushing current of a wild river! Integrated with the recreational pool, the attraction with a diameter of 10 m and a depth of 130 cm with a central island is an ideal diversion for people relaxing in the pool.

For the active

Swimming lanes


Our four swimming lanes are the perfect place for swimming enthusiasts. Discover the possibilities of your style on our 10 m long tracks. The water depth of 130-170 cm provides excellent conditions for training and perfecting your technique. Regardless of your skill level, our swimming lanes will provide you with a unique experience and pleasure flowing to the rhythm of the waves.