Water playground

Down together!

Great fun for the little ones

Our water playground is an endless fountain of joy, where children can jump in colorful streams of water, slide down slides and experience countless adventures. This is a place where children's smiles and carefreeness are the most important, providing unforgettable moments of fun and joy. The water in the children's pool is heated using renewable energy sources to a temperature of 30°C.

Plenty of attractions for children

Lots of adventure and fun awaits in our water playground for children! Children will discover a mysterious pirate ship where unforgettable adventures await them. They can steer the helm, jump around the deck and fantasize about wonderful voyages on the high seas.

Spray toys are even more fun and cooling on hot days. Children can jump and dance under the gentle streams of water, creating unique moments full of smiles.

Our water playground for children has a shallow paddling pool with a depth of 30-50 cm, which ensures safe conditions for the youngest. Parents can keep an eye on their little ones knowing they are in a safe environment.

It is a place full of exciting adventures and creative fun for children. The water playground is the perfect place to spend time outdoors, develop imagination and build unforgettable memories.