Aqua new walking classes and swimming lessons

We all know Nordic walking, but in water? Yes, thanks to special funnels and a great trainer Anna Kuryłek, which makes the movement in the water even more effective.

Another series of classes is behind us aqua new walking, intended for residents of downtown Wejherowo. We train even when the weather is not good, because exercise and good fun are the best cure for the hardships of everyday life.

The first classes are also behind us swimming lessons dedicated to the residents of the revitalized downtown of Wejherowo. 

The classes will be led by coach Szymon Laga.

The classes are held as part of the project "Revitalization of Śródmieście Wejherowo", aimed at taking actions aimed at activating the inhabitants of Śródmieście Wejherowo to cooperate and promote the Social Integration Center "Wodne Ogrody" in Wejherowo.
Project "Revitalization of Śródmieście Wejherowo" is co-financed from the funds Regional Operational Program for the Pomeranian Voivodeship for the years 2014-2020, Priority Axis 8 Conversion, Measure 8.1 Comprehensive revitalization projects - subsidy support, Sub-measure 8.1.1 Comprehensive revitalization projects in cities of the Tricity Metropolitan Area - ITI mechanism