Become the best version of yourself

We invite you to Wodne Ogrody for workshops with trainer Anna Kuryłek. Over 600 people participated in Aqua New Walking classes conducted by Ania at the Water Gardens swimming pools. Ania also co-hosted a meeting with Olympian Robert Korzeniowski in Wejherowo on August 12. Now we can learn about another passion of the healthy lifestyle trainer. We invite you to the Water Gardens for a meeting.

Become the best version of yourself ❤️‍🔥 – workshop for women

The aim of the workshop is:

🌟Success is something you attract by the person you become🌟

In that case:

👉 How to create your perfect version?

👉 How to become a better person?

👉 How to see your potential?

And the most important question:

👉Who do you really want to be?

👉Why is it so important?

The self-image you currently have plays an important role in:

🔸the success you will achieve in your life,

🔹the level of happiness you feel

🔸 general sense of well-being.

In everyday life, you have two choices about the self-image you use.

1️⃣You can be guided by a vision created on the basis of past experiences, beliefs, family histories, traditions or the culture in which you grew up

2️⃣You can create yourself anew by asking yourself the right questions that will lead you towards the person you ultimately want to become.

During the workshops, I will show you how to find the best version of yourself that will make you feel peace and happiness.

The topics you will work with are:

🍀 How to live in harmony with yourself.

🍀 How to become the best version of yourself: what to do/what actions to take.

🍀 How to feel good about yourself.

🍀Knowing yourself is the key to success - Q&A session with yourself

🍀Destructive behaviors that keep you from success.

🍀Creating boundaries to be yourself.

🍀Fall in love with yourself.

🍀 How to take action with high self-esteem and why it will change your life.


until October 31, PLN 139 per person

from November PLN 159 per person

to account number: 93 1050 1764 1000 0092 1379 1701

Plan Bee Anna Kuryłek


🍵 Water Gardens Wejherowo


📪 email:

📲 tel.509 767572

📧 messenger: Ania Kuryłek

You're welcome❗

The number of places is limited


Ania Kuryłek – Life coach, healthy lifestyle trainer, dietitian, author of the Plan Bee project, the idea of which is a holistic approach to life and learning to manage changes. Mindfulness instructor. Aqua Fitness instructor experimenting with movement. A perfectly imperfect mother of two daughters, currently working on the Pomeranian Hospitals' project "Stay ahead of diabetes" and "Health through Physical Activity" - a program financed by the Social Accumulator 2023 with the support of the PoMoc foundation.